I got sick. Here is how I am surviving.

There I was, super excited to move with my boyfriend Freman and start our new lives’ together. I was living in Riverside and he was in Boston for work. I can’t describe how happy I was to begin this new adventure. I didn’t know what the future had planned but now that I know, it wasn’t good. If it wasn’t for hobbies and friends to keep me entertained I don’t know what I would’ve done.

Freman and I decided to make the big step and move in together. The plan was to travel with him during his last two weeks of resignation. I arrived in Boston excited and tired after missing my first flight but that’s another story. The next day we went out for dinner. We decided to go for a walk but that didn’t work out very well. I began to feel what felt like a cramp in my right leg. We cut the night short and returned to our hotel. The following morning I felt the pain getting worse and by the fourth day I couldn’t stand on my foot because of all the pain. I knew this was no cramp I was feeling so I decided to go straight to the hospital that very day. The doctor ran an ultrasound on my leg and there it was, a happy blood clot growing inside my vein. At that moment my very first thought was, “shit! I don’t have insurance! I am done”. My only option was to get treatment in Mexico to avoid the high medical cost.

2015-09-01 22.58.12We booked our flight back home. Thankfully, I have the best boyfriend in the entire universe and he accompanied me back home. We requested a wheel chair at the airport and it turned out to be a great idea. You skip all the lines and they take care of you all the time. I am really thankful for all the help the airport staff provided. We arrived in Guadalajara (my beautiful city) and we went straight to the hospital. I got to see my doctor who is an angel. She evaluated my condition and prescribed me the proper medication. I was bed ridden for a week and I was only allowed to get up when I needed to visit the bathroom. The first days were the most challenging, but since Freman was with me at that time it kept me happy, very, very, happy. Unfortunately he had fly back to work.2015-09-01 22.57.43 A week after I started to get better and since then (almost two months now) I’ve been in my house recovering. Many of my friends came to visit me the first week but my best friend Jassmed, has been with me all this time cheering me up and taking me out. I don’t know how my life would be without you girl. You are the best! I needed something to help pass the time while Jassmed was at work; it was time to find a hobby!

Keeping myself busy with social media, Netflix and endless phone calls with Freman have helped, but I needed to do other things to keep me busy.

• Water Coloring.
IMG-20150901-WA0001I purchased a set of watercolors and started painting random things. I’ve never been the talented type however, so far I have painted 4 paintings and I discovered I’m not bad at all. Watching ‘How To’ videos on YouTube have helped.

• Web Design.
I took a course in web design I stumbled upon on YouTube. The guy who explains the series of videos is absolutely amazing and does a great job teaching beginners. I highly recommend his course and if you speak Spanish you should definitely check his YouTube channel. After taking this course Freman and I had the idea of starting our own website to document our travel adventures. This is how nomadicgypsies.com was brought to life. Which leads us to blogging.

• Blogging.
2015-09-01 22.57.08Putting together this website has been really fun and has kept me up many nights. We began opening different social media accounts such as, Instagram, Twitter, and a Facebook page. We don’t have any idea of what we are doing but it’s fun and challenging and that’s what matters. I found a meeting for bloggers on Couchsurfing.com who gather every two weeks to discuss different blog topics. Everyone was knowledgeable as they all have their own blogs. I was able to get answers to the many questions I had. The organizer’s name is Jesus Rosas and you can visit his blog at JesusRosas.com.

• Travel Book.
2015-09-01 23.00.00Creating a travel book is an exciting way to keep records of where you’ve been. I’ve kept myself busy by finishing my travel book I started a year ago but never had the time to work on. This has brought back many memories that have helped me stay positive.

• Cooking.
Cooking for my 17-year-old brother has been fun and challenging considering how picky he his. It’s been difficult cooking without spicy ingredients. What Mexican doesn’t like spicy foods? I am not that good in the kitchen so I want to experiment with him before Freman tries my food. I am getting better though, and it’s a hobby I enjoy.

• Reading/Learning.
Reading books have distracted me from all that’s been going on in my recovery process. Taking a Coursera course in social psychology has also helped me in my recovery process.

There’s many things you can do to help time pass by. I hope you guys never get sick, it sucks! If you do, try not to worry. Enjoy the free time, and use your time wisely. Most importantly enjoy every second you have with your beloved ones. Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.

Hugs from Mexico. Stay positive!



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